Asia Bizz: The Apple iPad has always been compared with the Dell Streak tablet PC, which was launched recently last year. If one is to think that Apple will dominate the future of the tablet market, then one should reconsider this, as there are whole lot of rival tablets that are set to shake up Apple. In India and the other parts of Asia, there are a number of competitors like Viewsonic, Samsung and others who have launched of tablets which should give the iPad a fight for its sales.

Photo Credit: Engadget

If the iPad is compared with the Streak, it is quite visible that the Streak is a smaller device and has only a 5inch screen; whereas the iPad has a 9.7inch touch screen. The screen resolution of the iPad is higher in terms of pixels, compared to Dell. The OS on these devices are exceptional, the iPad has the OS X, specifically made for the tablet PC, which has a larger screen resolution, and on the other hand, the Android 2.2 operating system comes loaded on the Dell Streak.

The Streak will allow a user to make phone calls, download data and surf on 3G. The iPad does have 3G and Wi-Fi, but won’t make any calls. The storage for the iPad can be expanded to 64GB and the Streak till 32GB. There is no perfect outcome to this battle between the two devices in terms of value for money, rather it is up to the user who should try to take out the best from the devices.

Although Apple’s iPad is still the favorite tablet, with high competitiveness demonstrated by the Dell Streak, it is indeed a close call.