Asia Bizz: Toyota motors Japan is recalling vehicles once again, and this time they calling back 1.7 million vehicles due to a fuel leak problem in their cars. Most of these vehicles have been sold in Japan, so the recall will not prove to be more expensive, some 1.2 million cars are affected in Japan itself.

In the past year, the world’s largest automotive manufacturer had recalled more than 5 million vehicles and this has indeed harmed the image of the company. In addition to the cars recalled from Japan, some 421,000 vehicles will be recalled from Europe and other parts of the globe.

The cause of the recall is said to be the fuel delivery pipes in the engine and also the high pressure pumps for the fuel that checks the valves. Toyota US too has taken preventive measures and has decided to recall 245,000 Lexus cars in the country, so that they could confirm the fuel pressure sensor installation. Other reports also show, the company could have doubts of the fuel pipe delivery system too.

Source: BSMotoring


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