Asia Bizz: There seems to be stiff competition between McDonald’s and KFC in China, but KFC seems to have won the bout of being preferred fast food chain in the Red Dragon nation. With more than 2100 outlets in around 450 cities and towns across China, this is just one of the reasons why KFC is doing way better than McDonalds. This figure also shows that KFC has two to three times as many stores in the country compared to McDonald’s.

In a recent study, it was seen that Chinese people will consume more fried chicken compared to hamburgers. Another plus point for KFC in China, is they have more of a Chinese based menu to serve the people. But in the US, it is completely the other way, and McDonalds is considered as the number one fast food chain in the country.

One can also see that KFC has successfully marketed its product to be more healthier than McDonald’s in the Chinese market. The only complaint against McDonalds is that the fast food chain does to cater eatables as per the foreign nations, but fails to get the exact universal taste.

The way to the Chinese peoples hearts is through the stomach, and KFC have done brilliantly with Traditional Peking Chicken Rolls, Preserved Sichuan Pickle, as well as other Chinese delicacies integrated in their menu; which makes KFC the most loved fast food chain in the Chinese market.