Asia Bizz: Today, India is one of the world’s fastest growing telecom markets, and as this one the main reasons, foreign and domestic telecommunication industries are finding their way into the country. Massive investments have been made in the telecom sector of India, both private and government. Over the years, the number of people who have got linked to this telecommunication system is around 700 million.

Through the course of the years, private and government telecommunication companies have competed to get the best to serve the Indian customers, and we have the top 5 Telecom service providers in India, who have been quite successful through the years.

1) Bharti Airtel: Airtel is the largest telecommunication industry in the country, and has a revenue statement of Rs 38,800 crore or Rs 388 billion. There are four different sectors where Airtel is specifically working – mobile, telemedia, enterprise and digital TV.

2) BSNL: BSNL or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, is a government-based telecommunication company and has been present in India from more than two decades. It has a revenue statement worth Rs 30,240 crore or Rs 302.4 billion, but has dropped by 14% through the years, especially because of the competition and service network in the nation. All the same, it has a large customer base as well as strong network coverage throughout India.

3) Vodafone Essar: Vodafone Essar is an Indian subsidiary of the UK based Vodafone Group. Today it ranks among the top five in the nation, thanks to the service quality, low call rates and prices, which has made the company do exceptionally well in India. The revenue statement of Vodafone is accumulated to Rs 23,200 crore or Rs 232 billion.

4) Reliance Communications: Reliance Communications, the company which comes under the Reliance Group run by the Ambani’s, is one of the big Indian telecom companies that has a strong hold in the Asian country. It has fallen considerably since the years, and today its revenue statement shows Rs 22,130 crore or Rs 221.3 billion, but this has not deterred customers from hopping onto this provider.

5) Tata Teleservices: Tata Teleservices is a branch shoot of the renowned Tata Group in India. It has been in the market since 1996, and has performed exceptionally well since the years, from being considered an underdog, the company has shunned all the negativity and rose to success. Today the company’s revenue stands at Rs 6,900 crore or Rs 69 billion. Their new telecom service in collaboration with Japanese telecom giant NTT Docomo, known as Tata Docomo has done pretty well ever since it came into being in 2008. The other two brands – Tata Indicom and Virgin Mobile (in association with Virgin Group) have also done well in India.


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