Asia Bizz: All motor enthusiasts are observing the World Automobile Day, as the car which was invented in the year 1885, has now turned 125 years old on the 29th of January. Karl Benz was the man who invented this exquisite piece of machinery, when it was first considered to be a failure for the future, today this is the most important need of every human in the world.

Benz had made the first moving vehicle and it was called the Motorwagen, which he had patented under the name Benz, thus being the first vehicle under the brand name of Benz. We can also consider, Mercedes Benz to be the same age of the automobile, as it was one of the first companies to put this machinery into production.

It was Daimler AG and Mercedes Benz who kept the foundation of the modern day cars, and today it has become the most important and common aspect in everyone’s life. The car has seen numerous phases of development and since years it has changed from a small three wheeled trotting machine too an evolutionary and hyper fast Mercedes Benz SLR AMG sports car.

The first three wheeled automobile pumped only 35BHP from its tiny engine, and today after more than a century of evolution and change in the phase of technology, cars like the Mercedes SLR AMG pump 630 horses under its hood. The development in cars will not halt, for in the near future will shall have more better self reliant vehicles in the market, for who knows where technology shall take us.


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