Asia Bizz: The Q4 2010 has been a great time for most of the phone vendors around the world, especially speaking in the terms of sales. Nokia, Samsung, LG, ZTE and Apple have done considerably well in the market, and it seems other major players have lost their spot in the Q4 financial standings.

1) Nokia: Nokia, the Finnish cellphone manufacturer has done quite well in the Q4 2010, and this is something that is quite impressive for Nokia as its market has been suffering strongly against other competitors. Nokia shipped 123 million units for the Q4 of 2010.

2) Samsung: Samsung has impressed most of its customers and has reached a milestone is shipping phones into the overseas market. The total number of phones sold by Samsung during the Q4 is around 80 million units.

3) LG: LG another South Korean electronics manufacturer has turned out to be no.3 on the spot. The company sold around 30.6 million units during the Q4 of 2010, thus making it one of the most successful handset manufacturers.

4) ZTE: China is not behind in the table for selling cellphone around the world. ZTE from China has done considerably well in its domestic and international market, selling 16.8 million phones during the Q4.

5) Apple: Lastly Apple has somehow managed to crawl into the top 5 spot, thanks to the number of iPhones which have been sold during the last year, and the consistent upgrades in the software, Apple has become the most successful American handset manufacturer, selling 16.2 million units during the Q4.


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