Asia Bizz: The most important debate in the Indian IT sector today, is whether Pune will be the next IT hub of India, after Bangalore reigning with this title for several years. Bangalore’s economic contribution to the country is huge, thanks to the important companies like Hindustan Aeronauticals Limited, BHEL, HMT etc who have their headquarters situated in this city, it took the crown of being an IT hub for the country many years back.

Today we speak about Pune, it was considered as the second largest city in Maharashtra, after Nagpur took that title, this city too is a hub to a number of national and international companies. Pune is an important hub for India’s automotive and technological sector, as there are many companies in the city in context to the above industries.

When spoken about Pune and Bangalore, these are two cities where the Information Technology sector has taken a massive rise and today it has reached an international standard. A number of national and international companies who have made direct investments in the city are as follows – Alpha Laval, Sandvik, Atlas Copco, Keihin FIE, Panasonic, Sharp, Enkei, Tata Tokyo, Tata Yazaki, Tata Yutaka, Lumax.

The question of Pune being the next IT hub of India is quite unstable, it is rather when will it be the IT hub, as the development standard of this city has out witted almost every city in Maharashtra, it looks from here it is already the next IT hub of India.


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