Asia Bizz: MindTree Ltd. CEO and former Wipro co-founder and executive, Ashok Soota has quit his position from the company and has decided to open up his own venture in the future. His resignation has shocked many people in and outside the company, for he has given a number of reason for which he has taken this step.

Soota told the media, his decision was quite stable and well thought over, he shall disclose the plans of his new venture once he moves out of MindTree Ltd. He presented his resignation to the board of directors, so that he could be relieved from job by the 31st of March.

At MindTree, Ashok Soota has a 11.14% stake and has control over 32% of the company shares, which is the largest among all the current share holders. It was in the year 1999, he along with nine other top shots, left Wipro and started MindTree, but today due to some classified reasons he has left his job. The company has done marvels in the Outsourcing sector, and today is a well established mid-sized company in India.


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