Asia Bizz: It is the battle of the two largest tablets in the market, who have earned a big name after the Apple iPad. The Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Dell Streak are two massive tablet names in the market, and were launched recently last year. These two tablets have been compared in the following department, operating System, software used, storage, screen and display resolution.

1) Operating System: Fortunately both the devices are running on the Google Android operating system, but the Streak was initially running on the 2.1 version and Tab with the 2.2 FroYo (now upgraded to Android 2.2). Both do pretty well in the OS department.

2) Software: The Galaxy Tab comes loaded with GPS/A-GPS, Google Navigation, Google Goggles, a Reader’s Hub, Media Hub, Music Hub, Social Hub among several others. While the Streak features GPS/A-GPS and a digital compass. (4-2). Although it is quite clear the software handling with the Galaxy Tab is quite superior, once should not underestimate the practical software that comes with the Tab.

3) Screen: The Galaxy Tab is relatively larger than the Dell Streak, as it has a 7inch touch screen and the Streak comes with a 5inch touch screen. It is only because of the size the Dell Streak is quite easier to handle, and a lot more portable than Samsung’s tablet PC.

4) Display Resolution: The Galaxy Tab has a larger screen and comes with her a higher resolution, 600 x 1024 pixels. On the other hand, the Dell Streak is a smaller device and has a smaller resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, and it does not need to compensate with the image quality, though given the fact that it is smaller, it has pretty good display all the same.

5) Storage: Both the tablets house a 16GB storage capacity, but with a microSD slot, the capacity of the Galaxy can be increased to 64GB. The microSD slot on the Dell Streak can take the overall memory to 32GB.

6) Price: Samsung’s Galaxy Tab comes at a price of $599.99, while the Dell Streak comes at $549.99, or you can pay $299.99 (along with a two-year contract from AT&T).

The common verdict here is that the Galaxy Tab emerges as a clear winner compared to the Dell Streak, with its features being more superior to the American tablet. This is the sole reason the Galaxy Tab has been alleged to be termed as the rumored “iPad killer”. However, given the fact that the Dell Streak is a not an equal competitor to the Galaxy tab (in terms of size), it is indeed a winner in the 5inch tablet segment.


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