Asia Bizz: In the tablet wars, the Viewsonic ViewPad too is making its own stand, and has come forward to give its competitors a run for the money. The closes competitor to the ViewPad is the Dell Streak. The ViewPad was launched with great expectations, and there are two versions of the tablet, 7inch and 10inch.

We shall compare the 10inch ViewPad against the Dell Streak:

1) Operating System: The ViewPad 10 is running on an age old Android 1.6 operating system, and this is where the customers are quite disappointed with the performance of the device. Whereas the Dell Streak is running on the latest Android 2.2 FroYo OS. Here the Dell has the edge over the ViewPad.

2) Softwares: The ViewPad is not a technological marvel as the iPad or Galaxy Tab, rather it is simple and not complicated at all. One can play music, surf the internet, watch videos and browse through the galleries like a simple smartphone. The Streak on the other hand, comes with the GPS/ A-GPS and a digital compass.

3) Screen: The Dell Streak comes with a 5 inch touch screen which is comparatively small against the Viewsonic ViewPad, which has a 10inch screen.

4) Display Resolution: The Dell Streak has a 480×800 pixel resolution display which is fine in terms of a small device as the Streak. The ViewPad on the other hand 1024×600 resolution on the 10inch screen that is twice the size of the Dell Streak.

5) Storage: The Streak’s memory can be expanded to 32GB, quite spacious for a small device, and the ViewPad comes with a 16GB memory and a 1GB RAM.

6) Price: Finally the price — the Dell Streak here costs around $549 in the US market compared to the $649 price tag of the ViewPad 10.

The winner in this comparison is the Dell Streak, and it has effortlessly won against the ViewPad, even though it is smaller than the Viewsonic. However, in terms on portability and VFM, the Dell Streak is indeed a winner, though choices vary according to personal preferences.


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