Asia Bizz: The political turmoil and unrest in Egypt has shown its effects in Japan, as the country’s stock exchange has suffered a strong beating, and has it fallen considerably during the trading sessions. Nikkei Stock exchange fell by more than 225 points to 10,237.92, considering this to be the lowest fall since the month of December.

Falling stocks were also witnessed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, where the stocks dropped by 9.61 points to 910.08. Investors became quite nervous and most of their shares came under the pressure of being sold off, as the turmoil in Egypt placed second thoughts in their minds. It was predicted that the unrest could also start affecting a number of Arab countries in the Middle East, so some thought it better to sell shares into the market.

The Egyptian scare also gripped Wall Street in the US, and there was a strong Yen standing ahead of them. The Yen was quite strong compared to the dollar, and it was in the frame of 82 yen/dollar. Risky assets grew more unstable in the hands of investors, as they sought to sell them off.


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