Asia Bizz: Google’s Android Operating System has taken the crown of being the top smartphone OS in the world, surpassing Symbian. The Google Android OS has appeared in most phones that are shipped and sold around the world and hence it has become the most used OS on any smartphone in the world. The Symbian OS has been in the market since years and it has dominated the phone market on the basis of Nokia.

An analyst has stated that after witnessing the performance of the Android in the fourth quarter, it is clear the Android surpassed Nokia’s Symbian platform in the terms of shipments. As of now, the Google OS has a 32.9% share of the global market, whereas Symbian has fallen to 30%.

Android dominated the smartphone market, as the famed OS has its hold in this very sector. Analysts also state that the year ahead will have strict competition in the OS market, as companies will tend to bring in their best features in the future. Technology is getting advanced by the day and vendors are looking at making operating systems which will be compatible with the best smartphones and tablets in the market.


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