Asia Bizz: China is going to invest a massive 4 trillion yuan into water conservation projects in the future. The red dragon is taking the subject of water conservation quite seriously and this the largest investment ever made by any country in this sector. The director of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has said that the country will try to preserve this precious source of life by any means possible.

The projects are going to be massive and they shall invest this amount by the next decade. One of the main aims of the government is to expand its investment in the water conservation sector, for they had invested only 200 billion yuan last year. The document which has disclosed this interest of the government is known as the No.1 document.

China has been consistently facing shortage of water over the years, especially after the nation went through a phase of floods and droughts. During the floods, there is no clean water available for the stranded survivors. and during the droughts the situation is unimaginable. The document also states of improving the quality of water provided for irrigation and farming purposes.


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