Asia Bizz: It is official! There are two million Apple iPhone users in South Korea, which is an indication of the distribution density of the iPhone in any country is the most in S. Korea. Apple stepped into Korea only a year ago, and these results are just exorbitant for a company like Apple to perform in a technologically satisfied country.

Out of the total number of iPhones sold in Korea, 1.03 million are iPhone 4 and the rest are iPhone 3G. KT is the mobile carrier in South Korea which had introduced the phone into the nation in November 2009. South Korea has always been an exceptional market for cellphones and other technological devices, but Apple’s results are exceptional.

The entire phone market in Korea is around 6.1 million units, and it is expected to double during the year 2011. Like several other Asian countries, the iPhone was brought into South Korea quite late, almost three years after the iPhone made its debut in USA. The phone spread into the S.Korean market faster than any other market in the world and this was quite surprising for Apple.


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