Asia Bizz: Mitsubishi Motors of Japan has reported to have incurred a smaller loss during the period of April-December 2010. The loss figures this time is quite small compared to what it incurred last year since the major factor of improvement in the financial sheet is the overseas sales in Europe and other parts of Asia. The total net loss incurred during the nine months is reported to be around 2.25 billion yen, which is very little compares to the 25 billion Yen it had lost last year.

Revenue earnings rose to 1.31 trillion Yen, as the demand in Asia and many parts of China was strong. Mitsubishi is a globally recognized automotive company, and they are concerned over the global economy and its effects on the company.

If the entire world automotive sales is taken into consideration, it is noticed that it is recovering slowly as  most of the improvement has come from China and its neighbouring countries. For the current financial year, Mitsubishi earned an operational profit of 12.97 billion yen and a loss of 19.83 billion yen.


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