Asia Bizz: Laos, a modest South East Asian country, has a really strong traffic density now as the ownership of vehicles in the country has crossed 1 million. The exact figures counted in the year 2010 were around 1,008,788, which is a direct rise from 886,348 vehicles in the year 2009. The population of the country is around 6 million, which indicates that every sixth person in Laos owns some type of vehicle.

In a way, these figures also signify the country is developing at a strong pace, and income in every common household across the country is quite decent. The above figures include the total number of motorbikes, cars, trucks and pick-ups which are registered in the country.

Vientiane has recorded the highest number of vehicles in the country, and this is raising concerns of traffic jams due to the density. The traffic authorities state that they are now trying to rethink the transport system fares, so it could encourage people to use these services and lessen the traffic density.

Across the globe, 2010 saw the number of car users increase at an extremely fast pace, leading to growing concerns over the consequences of automotive emissions on the environment.


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