Asia Bizz: The IPv6 transition has officially begun, ad this was announced during a gathering in Miami, where the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority officially handed over the last five remaining IPv4 addresses to some major regional organizations. The Internet Protocol version 6 has officially arrived as the last bunch of IPv4 addresses were distributed away. As per the authorities, some 4 billion internet addresses have been depleted.

In the words of Rod Beckstrom, President and CEO of ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) , he states that there are no more IPv4 addresses available for the world wide web. As the last remaining addresses were distributed, he said each region has been given a set of addresses, which will eventually run out in the near future.

In North America, IPv4 addresses will last only for three to nine months, later on they will run out of names. The Asia Pacific region was one of the main regions that received the last lot of addresses, and with a strong growth in a number of nations in Asia, they too should run out of addresses very soon. In the future, IPv6 will require huge investment and most of the devices available today are already compatible to use IPv6 based addresses.


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