Asia Bizz: Australia’s primary airways, Qantas Airlines, may hike its fare rates this month due to the consistent rise in oil rates. According to the Australian government, they have warned that there will be an additional price rise in the country, as the global rates continue to surge. Another point of worry is the carbon emissions taxes, since the Australian government may bring in a hike in prices in this department also.

The emission taxes are going to be most important base for the price rise and it will affect what the consumer will pay for their respective travel. As of 19th February, the passengers will need to pay an additional $20-$50 each way in the fare, and it will be on fuel surcharge.

While travelling on Qantas airlines, passengers will pay around $290 as fuel surcharge while commuting from Australia to Britain. The price has been hiked by almost AU$100. Passengers of flights heading from US, Canada, South America, South Africa and India will pay surcharge worth $230 to the Australian Government. These are the after effects of the 24% price rise in jet fuel which has taken place in the period of only four months.