Asia Bizz: McDonald’s, the US based fast food manufacturer in Japan, has reported to have witnessed a 38.6% profit drop for the year 2010. The profit drop is some bad news for the company, as it is dominating the fast food market around the world for many years. McDonald’s Japan has earned profits this year, but it has not been up to its expectations.

The net profit earning of McDonald’s in the year 2010 was around 7.86 billion yen and sales has fallen by 10.6% to 323.80 billion. The McDonald’s profit – considering the pretax figures-  are around 27.16 billion yen, which is rather quite impressive.

The company’s share dividend distribution for the year 2010 will be the same 30 yen per share, the value has not been changed. For the current year, the company has better expects to have a turnover of 304.50 billion yen and net profit of 13.70 billion yen, which is even lower than 2010. The performance of the company in the year 2011 is predicted to be low and this is quite disheartening for McDonald’s.


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