Asia Bizz: Spring Festival is taking place in China and many people are travelling and commuting from one part of the country to another, and the high speed rail service has proved to be a better option for many commuters. Many people this year are opting for a better, faster and comfortable travel, and that is the high speed rail service.

This type of service is always handy and worthwhile for many people who travel by rail, since it is cheap and now it is also fast. For instance, the trip from Chongqing to Shanghai was around 33 hours, now it has come down to only 14 hours. Technology has helped China in a great deal this spring festival.

Prior to the high speed rail, passengers would travel with great difficulty, and it was time consuming too. Today, China has the largest network of high speed rail in the world and this is indeed helping many people in the country to travel faster and cheaper through the country.