Asia Bizz: Sony Corp has just seen a tearful Q4 2010, and during the past year its profit has fallen by 8.6%, really undermining for a company that has dominated to electronics and entertainment sector for years. The total net profit earned by Sony during Q4 was around 72.33 billion yen, down from 79.17 billion yen which it had earned a year before that.

The total sales turnover for Sony in 2010 was around 1.4% less than what it had earned in the year 2009, the figures were accounted to 2.206 trillion yen. The company got most of its revenue from the entertainment sector, and the major credits go to the movie ‘The Social Network”.

The company was at its peak years during the 80’s and the first half of the 90’s, thanks to the dominating Sony Walkman which reigned the portable player market for decades. Today Sony has a number of contenders in the market, who have stronger and better products to offer.


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