Asia Bizz: The latest innovation by the Japanese electronics manufacturer, Toshiba, the 3D glasses free TV has turned out to be a flop in the market. The sales figures accounted are lower than ever expected and thus the product has been qualified to be a flop. The company last month managed to sell only 500 of the 20inch 3D TV’s in Japan at the price of Â¥240,000.

What is worse the 12inch TV’s were sold in even fewer numbers compared to the 20inch screens. Toshiba had predicted to sell around 1000 units of the above the products but it failed considerably. After witnessing the sales figures, the company should go ahead to manufacture larger sets to pull in customers.

Last year Sony and Samsung began their own line of 3D television in the market, and they are selling out in good numbers, and the sole reason behind their success is, they are providing the customers according to their want. Sadly the sales of the 3D TV’s contributed to only 10% of the entire television products to have been sold in the Japanese market.


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