Asia Bizz: In a startling statement made by the Governor of Tokyo, he has urged that Japan should go ahead to produce nuclear weapons for self defence. One of the main reasons to develop nukes in the country is to protect itself from China and North Korea. It has been analysed that North Korea does posses nuclear weapons and China has a stockpile of it.

Ever since the Chinese Fisherman who has been arrested in Japan, the relations between the nations has been quite disturbed. In addition to this there are several regions in the sea where there are consistent border disputes. He told the media “If Japan had had nuclear (weapons), there would not have been any (Chinese encroachment) on the Senkakus. And North Korea would not have abducted our citizens”.

During the 70’s and 80’s there were a number of Japanese who were abducted in North Korea and ever since then there has always been a level of insecurity between the two nations. He has also criticised the George Bush administration, stating they had not taken strong steps to rescue the captives.


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