Asia Bizz: Mitsubishi has decided, it will be rolling out a new SUV from it Illinois plant in the US. The company finally decided to commence production from the Normal facility, after the union workers at the plant eventually agreed to wage concession. The new production units will create a better stronghold grip for Mitsubishi in America.

The vehicle will be a SUV Crossover, a type of vehicle which is in great demand around the America continent. The Outlander Sport is one of the most successful Mitsubishi brand vehicles in America, and it is predicted to have strong sales as per the demand growth. More good news for the company arrived when the State of Illinois granted them a $29 million tax incentive.

The old version of the vehicles will begin to phase out from the Illinois plant once the Outlander enters into production. Mitsubishi is one of the top Japanese automotive manufacturers who have been doing quite well in the America.


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