Asia Bizz: Honda Motors Japan may soon launch a high-end sports car under its brand name, which is the first time the company will launch a vehicle in this category. Currently Honda does not have even one high end sports car in its line up, and this is the sole reason it sports car image has never got a boost.

As per the Honda officials, they will look forward to build a full fledged sports car, especially the one which can meet the demand of its customers. The Honda high end sports car concept will be an integral part of the 2011 motor sport program of the company.

In the month of December last year, Honda’s CEO said, his design team has considered to develop a high end sports car which will be a eco friendly and it should be a flag ship model for the company. Honda’s sales figures for the year 2010 has been exceptionally well and thanks to the Honda Fit, it is the most sold hybrid in Japan today.


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