Asia Bizz: Korea Ginseng Corp. has decided that it will open 11 overseas branches under its name, this move by the company has been aimed to double its sales in the overseas market. The company is quite well known for its red ginseng brand Cheong Kwan Jang, which has made great success for Ginseng not only in Korea and other parts of the world, but also in China.

The company has said it has future plans to open more branches overseas particularly in China, Japan, North America, Singapore and Vietnam. As of now the company has only five overseas branches, and they are placed in Beijing, Tokyo and Los Angeles..

KT&G the nation’s largest tobacco manufacturing firm has a major share in Korea Ginseng Corp. One of the most important strategies of the company today is to increase its sales from $73 million last year to $150 million annually. Company executives have already quoted to the media, their overseas sales are doing quite well, and as a result they will be aiming to promote the brand on a global stage today.


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