Asia Bizz: Sony Xperia Play has finally been revealed and this was seen during the Superbowl commercial, in addition to this it is now known this device will be launched on 13th February. Now the company has finally stopped giving everyone the goosebumps, as when the device will finally hit the stores.

The well known ‘PlayStation phone’ is actually real, and will be in people’s hands very soon. Sony Ericsson has finally done it, it has launched a device which is both a gaming console and a smartphone too. The Xperia Play is scheduled to be announced before the World Mobile Congress held at Barcelona.

This also the first device to be announced by Sony Ericsson this year and it will surely be a flagship device for the company. It is a one of a kind device and currently there is none like it. The phone which was even termed as a myth has finally made its appearance and debunked the claims of the critics who thought Sony was not working on such a device.


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