Asia Bizz: Suzuki, the car manufacturing giant from Japan, has seen a huge boom in its profit, all thanks to the massive sales in the Asian continent. The company’s sales surged fourfold, and the sole reason is it’s sales in the Asian countries, especially a list of developing countries who have taken the credit for Suzuki. The company earned around 12.2bn yen in the third quarter last year, which 3 billion yen higher than the year before that.

The Indian market was one of the major contributors to its overseas sales, and Maruti Suzuki controls almost 50% of the Indian car market today. It has been predicted that this strong hold of Suzuki in India will begin to frail away by the end of this year due to subsequent increase in the competition.

The total revenue earned for the last nine months is around 92 billion yen, just falling short of its 100 billion yen target, but it will surely complete it with another three months to go. The company is still unable to recover from the market collapse in America and Europe, and this is quite worrying for Suzuki.


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