Asia Bizz: In a recent survey, it shows reasonably priced electric cars will not be available in the market by the next five years. There is still a need for intense development in this particular sector, as electric cars will be a better alternative to the conventional fuel car. The other reason is that these cars will not be available in the market with a cheap price tag, as long as the government does not provide them with subsidies.

If noticed, it is known that the electric car market is indeed growing by the day, and this sector will surely get a boost in the near future. Today, several car markers from around the world are investing heavily in the development of electric cars in the market – a move to bring down the carbon emissions.

The development has taken a boost because there is a strong demand in the global market for efficient cars and also to produce more green vehicles. During the survey, it was also known that 91% of the customers will opt for better fuel efficiency when buying a vehicle.


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