Asia Bizz: Google and Facebook, along with some other companies, have reportedly entered into talks to take over Twitter, the second most popular micro-blogging website on the web. After a string of valuation, it has been estimated that Twitter will cost the companies around $10 billion. The website which publishes micro-blogs and mini news updates around the world at a consistent pace, had taken $200 million as finance in December.

According to some reports, Google and Facebook have entered into low level talks and the intensity of the takeover proposition is not as high as predicted. Even as the talks are of low stances, the exciting part of the takeover will be the financial valuation of the website which is around the frame of $8-$10 billion.

As of now, the talks have headed in no direction and Google and Facebook have refused to comment over the takeover plans. Twitter came into existence in the year 2006, and till date there are 175 million users online. The website has proven to be of great help to broadcast mini news and other publications on the web.