Asia Bizz: Ferrari has been sued by the American car giant, Ford, for using the name F150 for one of its race cars. According to Ford officials, the F150 name is a trade mark infringement by Ferrari, as it is the name of its Ford Sports Utility Truck the F-150. The issue of the name arose when Ferrari used the name ‘F150’ on its latest F1 sports car.

Ford have filed a case against Ferrari at the U.S. District Court in Detroit. The American car giant is asking the court to bar the Italian sports car manufacturer to use this name on its F1 racing car, and also claiming an unspecified amount of damages.

Ford and Ferrari are co-existing auto companies in America, and they both have their respective vehicles in the US and the countries around the world. Ferrari has a royal history of having cars starting with the initials ‘F’, and this is the first time the company has come under a legal scrutiny.


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