Asia Bizz: The main aim for China today is to expand its rural road network to almost 3.9 million kms within the country, a move to make even the most remote regions accessible in a proper manner. As per the 12th Five-Year-Plan, which will end by 2015, China will upgrade the roads, highways and the bridge qualities in all rural areas, which is also an important part of the fiver year plan.

The Chinese transportation authorities are looking forward to connect 90% of the entire rural areas in the country, this will also help every region to develop in its own way. As per the 2010 count, some 1,200 townships and 120,000 villages were having no sealed roads at all, access to these regions is still a tough task.

The Transport Minister, Li Shenglin has made it clear, China will invest heavily in the construction and upgradation of rural roads in the country. For the year 2011, the transport department will invest around 30 billion yuan in the building the road network. For the past five years 197.8 billion yuan has been invested by the Central Government in construction and rebuilding of road networks in China.