Asia Bizz: China is the largest energy consumer in the world, and it has been reported the electricity consumption in the country will be growing by 12% this year. 2011 will be an important year for the China, since the forecast the economy of the country shows an increase by massive folds. The electricity consumption should touch around 4.7 trillion kWh for the year 2011.

Being the largest energy consumer, the electricity consumption went up by 14.56% last year, and this indicates, that the developing country has a huge demand for energy all throughout the year. Investment in the electricity sector will also increase and it has been predicted the country will pump around 750 billion yuan to develop this particular zone.

Out of the 750 billion yuan of investment, 400 billion yuan will be used in developing power generation and 350 billion yuan in the construction of power grids. One of the main reasons energy consumption has increased in China, is because the government has taken rapid steps to develop this sector along with, providing sufficient energy to the rural region also.


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