Asia Bizz: In the most recent news from Nokia, the worlds largest cellphone company has officially opted the Windows Phone 7 OS over its traditional Symbian. As a result of which, there were hundreds of employees who walked out of their jobs because of Nokia’s decision. Nokia and Microsoft have decided to join hands and bring Nokia’s falling market back on the top, but this was not most of the Symbian employees expected.

There are hundreds of workers who are working hard on the Symbian OS, in an attempt to make it more advanced for Nokia’s future smartphones, but the Windows Phone 7 seemed a better option for the company. For Nokia it is good news, as Microsoft’s operating system will assist its mobile phone market by a great deal, and now the company does not need the Symbian, which also includes the people who work on it.

For its workers this was completely unfair and that’s the sole reason they staged a walkout from the company. The conclusion for Symbian’s employees could be, they may soon be without a job, as the Symbian asset will be of no use for Nokia.


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