Asia Bizz: According to the Chinese experts, they state, the country should beef up its cyber security, as special attention is needed in this sector. The subject of cyber security has come up after the experts stated, the country’s internet system could be vulnerable to international threats and even cyber espionage.

Yuan Peng, the director of Institute of American Studies in China has said “China should improve its independent innovation abilities in Internet security, with regard to both technology and management”. China is a self dependent country, and they should now start extensive research in the field of cyber security to avoid any sort of cyber attacks.

He also pointed out, cyber attacks are taking place at a regular basis on global oil, energy, and petrochemical companies. This is a huge threat to many of the upcoming companies in China itself, as it is a huge energy consumer with an enormous market. Today Cyber security has become a huge issue in China, but they are always capable in containing such attacks.


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