Asia Bizz: In some shocking news from China, the Railway minister of the country Liu Zhijun has been placed under strict investigations, as he has been charged of violating discipline. The investigation was placed over Liu after the communist party watchdog confirmed the news regarding him and his violations. The details regarding his violations have not yet been disclosed by the CPC.

The CPC (Communist Party of China) pays close attention over its representatives in the country, and it was keeping a keen eye over Liu, as a result he is now under a string of investigation, no further comments have been passed. Local news agency Xinhuanet has confirmed, Liu has been removed from the ministry’s post of being the Chief.

It was shocking news to almost everyone in connection with Liu, especially the Railways, for if he is found guilty he will face really strict trail in China. The head of the General Administration of Customs, Sheng Guangzu may have succeeded Liu, and this is indeed really sad news for the former railway minister of China.


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