Asia Bizz: The Aero India Show 2011 concluded a few days back, but despite the number of planes and helicopters displayed at the show, the fly car pulled a lot of spectators. Yes, the flying car, an Indian inventor has brought in a concept design and built the first flying car in India. One look at this vehicle and it is not at all a Mercedes or a Honda, but an old Maruti 800 hatchback, which has been modified to such an extent that it has an ability to fly.

A.K. Vishwanath, the inventor of this vehicle, has been working on this project for almost 16 years and in the year 2011, his imagination of the flying car was showcased at the Aero India 2011. The car has rotor blades on the top with a vacuum suction space in the wheels and has claimed to have tested it in a wind tunnel.

He has not yet flown the vehicle, but funding from several firms and necessary paper work needs to be completed. It it not a new invention, but they have been under development since the 80’s,but have never entered mass production because of safety issues.