Asia Bizz: Top defence officials from India have stated that they foresee an increased cyber security threat in India. According to V K Saraswat, a scientific advisor to the Indian government, has said they shall have major challenges on cyber security as their entire operations will be network centric. The primary issue today is to secure this network centric from any sort of international cyber attack.

The country will need to look forward in defending and protecting their defence platforms and build a proper defence system which cannot be penetrated with ease. Saraswat also added that along with the fact of conventional land and air threat, cyber threat is evolving at an even faster pace.

The arch enemy of India is Pakistan and they have tried to infiltrate India from both land and sea, but today they have also caused a potential threat to India’s cyber system. Hacks have taken place on a number of Indian websites and there is a threat they could penetrate even further, so the defence ministry will need to build a better cyber security system that could tackle such attacks from its neighbour.


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