Asia Bizz: The employees working at GM (General Motors) should be quite happy over the fact that they will get a great surprise very soon. The profit-sharing checks which have recently been revealed, shows some really good news for the workers at the facility. Both salaried and hourly workers will be paid handsomely this year, as 2010 has gone past quite impressively.

GM has decided to pay around $189 million of its profit sharing to their 48,000 workers at its facilities in the country. But it is the salaried employees who will be receiving a bigger bonus from the company, and it is nothing less than Christmas season for them.

The union workers will receive around $4000 as per the accounting schedule and the hired work force shall receive $3000. It has been decided that most of these workers will be getting around 4-16% of the work pay and nothing less, so there is smile on everyone’s faces. The higher your post the bigger your bonus and it may even go as much as 50% of your salary. What is sad is that the company will not go ahead with any annual pay rise this year.


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