Asia Bizz: China is today’s second largest economy in the world, and it has been seen the automotive imports for the year 2010 has almost doubled its initial figures. Most of the vehicles imported into China are rather Japanese or German, for people are preferring to import foreign brands into China. The total number of cars imported has reached 813,600 units, which is a 93% rise compared to 2009.

The entire sum of the imports accounted shows, the import of vehicles to almost $30.64 billion. As the imports increased, the exports of vehicles in China too has increased substantially and has gone up by 40% amounting to $51 billion. It was a sudden rise in the demand of imported cars in China, the reason is unknown but the it has easily overtaken the US.

Even though there has been a huge recall of Japanese based cars, they were still on the top of the imported cars list, followed by German, South Korean and US brands. If the commercial vehicles were excluded, the total number of sales in China was around 13.7 million units.


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