Asia Bizz: Nissan Motors has officially resumed work in its Egypt plant, especially after the clashes were reported to have eased. Due to the political disturbances in the country, many industries had ceased their production activity; as a result the respective companies were facing loss for each day as they were closed during the anti-government protests.

Nissan had opened the factory in Egypt, so it could feasible for Nissan to export its vehicles in the Middle East, but since the 30th of January, production activity at the plant has ceased. The entire country was engaged in anti-government demonstrations, and tens and thousands of people including workers were gathered at the Tahiri Square in Cairo.

The Egypt facility manufactures the Sunny Sedan and a number of pick-up trucks, with an annual capacity of 10,000 units. These vehicles are sold in Egypt or even exported to its neighbouring countries. Nissan has also suffered loss since the time it has ceased all its operations in the factory since the month of January.


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