Asia bizz: South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics and car manufacturer Hyundai Motors is looking forward to collaborate in order to develop a ‘smart car‘. Both companies have intentions to build a vehicle in the future, and this is where the two giants share their knowledge. The smart car project will allow the vehicle to have a Hyundai built tablet which one can use through their smartphone.

As of now both the companies are heading towards a collaboration and a MOU could be signed very soon. Hyundai is developing a tablet which can be used in the vehicles plus can integrate with a Samsung Smartphone. The company states it will finish designing the device by the year 2013, so the car shall launch later that year.

Hyundai will not be the only car maker in the world which will be integrating cellphones with vehicles. Renault has already collaborated with Samsung to develop a mobile-in-drive technology.

Technology seems to be moving in a smarter direction nowadays, and it is just a matter of time before the world witnesses some more technological wonders.


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