Asia Bizz: Yamaha Motor Co. of Japan has earned impressive profit for the year 2010. The latest accounting data has been finalized for the year ending on the month of December. The company has earned a profit figure of 18.30 billion yen, compared to the over all net loss of 216.15 billion yen in the year 2009. The profit shown in their balance sheets this year gives the company an opportunity boost stronger in the sales section.

One of the main reasons that the sales have risen this year is because of the solid demand from Indonesia and Vietnam, where Yamaha is the most popular bike brand. In exception to these countries, other emerging markets like China and India too have brought in some substantial demand for the company.

The total sales figure was around 1.29 trillion yen, which is a direct 12.2% hike compared to the previous year. As of now, Yamaha has predicted a sales surge of 9.3%, a net profit of 20 billion yen and overall sales of 1.35 trillion yen. The forecast is quite strong and it is seen the markets to have a demand for Yamaha motorcycles once again.