Asia Bizz: Maruti Suzuki will soon launch the diesel version of the SX4 sedan in India, the car has a probability to make it to the market by the month of February itself. The new diesel SX4 will have a 90bhp engine and a multi jet turbocharger to enhance the power of this car. The multi jet engine technology has already been seen in cars like the Indigo Manza and Fiat Linea.

According to Maruti, the SX4 diesel shall be 70kgs lighter than the previous petrol version, and hence this shall enhance the performance of this machine. The European SX4 diesels have a 1.9 ltr engine but the Indian version shall have a 1.3ltr heart.

The new SX4 has a lot to promise – better styling, masculine looks, strong diesel engine and finally improved fuel economy. With these features kept in mind, it is eminent the car shall be dearer, so Maruti will price this car by an additional Rs.70,000 compared to the petrol version.


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