Asia Bizz: China has the world’s largest population, and the country hopes to control the spread of the AIDS disease by the year 2020. The only reason there are difficulties in this process is because of the poor co-ordination between the people who are spreading the awareness of this disease. In the latest count, there are 560,000 to 920,000 people in China who are infected with Aids, and what is worse, there are 97,000 to 112,000 who already have AIDS.

The Ministry of Health has stated that most of the HIV infection spreading in the country is sexually, so there must be a proper method to spread the awareness about this form of disease in the country. Today, no nation in the world has a vaccine that is an antidote to HIV, but there is consistent research in this field.

The Ministry officials have said there are plans to take preventive measures against the spread of HIVand it will be told to all the people in the country. It is due to the death rate in China due to AIDS, it has made the government worry about this situation, and they will need to work soon to contain the lethal outspread.