Asia Bizz : Japan is really working hard on its technological sector, especially speaking in the field of robotics, as the country will soon send a humanoid robot into space to tweet for the astronauts. And it does not halt here, the Japanese Space Agency is looking forward to place this humanoid robot into space, so that it could take care of the space mission while the crew is asleep.

In addition to this work, the robot shall also check the mental and physical health of the Astronauts in space, and send information through the microblogging site Twitter. As per the plans by JAXA, they shall successfully go ahead in posting the humanoid at the space station by the year 2013.

Currently, the robot named the R-2 or Robonaut is scheduled to take off next week, and it shall be an assistant at the International Space Station. The R-2 was created by Japan and this little robot itself will pave the way for the country to build a more advanced machine to send into space.