Asia Bizz: Toyota, the world’s largest automotive manufacturer, has opened a plant in Japan for the first time in 18 years. What is really strange about this plant is its location, for the plant situated in a rural region of the country. The latest Toyota plant has come up in the Tohoku region, which is mostly a rice cultivating area and gets covered with snow during winters.

So the big deal in starting a plant in Japan is probably because the company wants to keep the tag of ‘Made in Japan’ on most of its cars. The Tohoku plant will have 900 employees and shall produce 120,000 units every year.

This plant also keeps the hopes alive for the company, that it can manufacture 3 million cars from its facilities in Japan alone, thus making it the largest car maker on the planet. Annually, Toyota manufactures 7.5 million vehicles around the world.

Today countries like India, Thailand and China are become tempting destinations for the company to set up its plant, for labour and resources here are quite cheap compared to Japan, and with the great manpower and resources available in these countries, they have just become viable destinations for car manufacturers to look forward to.


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