Asia Bizz: China is quite concerned over the drought situation that it underwent many a time these past years, as this shall risk the grain security in the country. It has also been noticed that over the past decade, the drought conditions in the country recurs almost on an every alternate year basis; for the earth in China is not able to get enough moisture needed to grow healthy crops.

According to an officer at the Agricultural Information Office at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), drought occurs in China almost every two years, and this is frequent since the past decade. China, which today holds the title of being the world’s largest wheat producer, may soon lose the status  as northern China is never able to get enough rain as needed every year.

Scientists have stated that droughts have claimed the largest grain loss than any other natural disaster, so proper water irrigation has become a must in the country. In the total share of grain loss in China, 60% is caused by droughts and the rest by floods and other calamities. Now as the population in the country is growing steadily, China has planned to increase the grain output by almost 550 million tons annually.


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