Asia Bizz: Intel CEO Paul Otellini will be named as the job expert in the White House by the US President. Barack Obama will name Otellini as the job advisory expert in his office and his post shall be the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Obama is recently visiting the Silicon Valley where he is scheduled to have meetings with the top bosses of the technology industry.

Jobs is the most important need in the American economy today, and Otellini will need to work closely with the President’s panel to seek out better ways to create jobs in the US. The economy of the country is causing a number of companies to shed out their workforce to balance out their finance.

The President  also met the Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who himself is diagnosed with cancer. Otellini’s work at the office shall be a very important one as he will be providing expert advise in the field of job creation in the country.


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