Asia Bizz: The new Nintendo 3DS is all set to go on sale in Japan on the 26th of February 2011. The portable game console allows players to view three-dimensional images with the bare naked eye. The Akihabara Station in Tokyo has taken the whole gaming experience to the next level, as a  Nintendo 3DS game viewer is on display for visitors to check it out there.

(Picture credit: Dean Rogers)  – Visitors at Akihabara Station in Tokyo check out the Nintendo 3DS game viewer

The features of the Nintendo 3DS is quite remarkable and include the some astounding specs such as three dimensional movies which can be viewed by the naked eye alone!  If that’s not enough, one can also take 3D pictures and share it. Another important feature is the pedometer that checks the distance of how far you walk with it, and will also allow you to earn some coins which can be used for trading with virtual goods.

Another plus point of this device is that it allows the user to automatically exchange information with other Nintendo 3DS consoles even if its in standby mode while you travel with it.

David Young, a Nintendo spokesman said in a press conference:

One of the challenges our marketing team faces is, how do you get that message across?” “Because you can’t do it with video. The 3D doesn’t translate.

The Nintendo 3DS game viewer will be on sale on the 26th of February at  price of 25,000 Yen.


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